Making a difference

14. September 2016 About our company, Interpretation, News

Saturday, the integration initiative Velkomstfesten 2016 (The Welcome Party) opened its doors to companies, volunteers, NGO’s, celebrities and curious citizens who all came to bid Denmark’s refugees welcome.

A big and heartfelt thank you to all the involved interpreters who contributed to Velkomstfesten this Saturday: both our interpreters and the talented volunteers. It was great to see how we could contribute to create a common ground between companies and refugees. I would also like to thank Velkomstfesten for a fantastic event and a good collaboration.

—states Ben Belkhaoui, Chairman of the Board and founder of Tolkegruppen Oversættergruppen P/S.

Tolkegruppen Oversættergruppen P/S contributed with a strong team of skilled interpreters. They helped refugees updating their CV’s and accompanied them to the job booths where they interpreted into a number of languages.

There was a great demand for Arabic, Tigrinya, and Farsi/Dari; thus it was quite the task to solve. Some refugees needed full interpretation, others needed help finding specific words and phrases and elaborate their educational background as well as wishes for a new job. There were also some who just wanted to have a chat about what it is like to be in Denmark. They all came with a positive spirit and high ambitions.

When we entered this project our goal was to ease the communication between the refugees and the companies and by that contribute to the refugees’ chances of integrating into Danish society. I speak on all my colleagues’ behalf when I say that the result exceeded our expectations by far.
We all carry a responsibility to help others whenever we have the opportunity to do so. We owe that to ourselves and to society. Velkomstfesten is a tangible example of how we can all contribute a little and pull together. As one of our volunteers said at the end of the day: I really feel like I have made a difference. We could not ask for any more than that feeling.

—ends Ben Belkhaoui.