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We create value for our customers by providing high quality language solutions. We know that our customers often have hectic workdays and that good professionalism and flexibility is key to success.
We emphasise interpretation and translation equally.

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We want to be certain that we always deliver adequate advice to our customers, whether it be an assignment for an interpreter or a translator. Hence, we are two dedicated teams of language coordinators at the office each specialised in one of the two areas.
Our network counts more than 500 highly professional interpreters and translators, who together cover approx. 130 languages and dialects.

Every day we help government institutions, municipalities, and regions to deliver better public services and securing the best patient care at hospitals around the country.
Likewise, our interpreters and translators help industrial and trade companies daily to reach their global goals through the support of skilled interpreters at meetings with foreign investors and vendors as well as by translating documents to be used abroad.

We are also present in a number of important life situations for private persons. This could be interpretation services at driving tests, translation of diplomas, the perfect interpreter at the wedding or translation of papers relating to a residence permit, when the career kicks off in a new country far from home.

Our language coordinators are always standing by to provide high quality assistance, no matter how far you are in the process. You are always welcome to call us or write to us.

For interpretation please contact Tolkegruppen on phone +45 43716100 or direct mail info@tolkegruppen.dk.
For translation please contact Oversættergruppen on phone +45 38416100 or direct mail info@oversaettergruppen.dk.

If you are not sure which language is needed for your specific case, you can find help in our language guide (in Danish).

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