DR – Daily news for web and Teletext

In September 2011, Oversættergruppen won a competitive tender to supply daily translations of news articles from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR - Danmarks Radio), uploading directly to the corporation's website and teletext system.

Every day, Danish domestic news are translated to Arabic, Somali, English and Turkish.

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Capital Region – a selection of dentistry pamphlets

In the spring of 2012, the Child and Adolescent Dentistry in Copenhagen Municipality approached Oversættergruppen about their desire for translation and setup of two booklets: 'Take good care of your teeth 0-5 years' and 'Take good care of your teeth 6-9 years'.

This was a multi-language project where we had to arrange for a translation into English, Arabic, Urdu, Somali, Farsi and Turkish, as well as DTP and subsequent quality assurance.

The task was a success for us and our customer, where all deadlines were met.

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I foråret 2012 henvendte Børne- og Ungdomstandpleje i Københavns Kommune sig til Oversættergruppen vedrørende deres ønske om oversættelse og opsætning af 2 pjecer: 'Pas godt på tænderne 0-5 år' og 'Pas godt på tænderne 6-9 år'.
Der var tale om et flersprogsprojekt, hvor vi skulle sørge for oversættelse til engelsk, arabisk, urdu, somali, farsi og tyrkisk samt DTP og efterfølgende kvalitetssikring.
Opgaven var en succes for os og vores kunde, hvor alle tidsfrister blev overholdt.

Copenhagens new Integration policy

Copenhagen's new integration policy

The Copenhagen Municipality's Employment and Integration Administration needed translation, project management and graphic work for the city's new integration policy.

Oversættergruppen arranged for translation into English, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu and Somali as well as the graphic work and the last rate corrections, ensuring that all texts were ready for the printers. See the results to the right.

Health Film - translation of screenplay and film narration

Sphinx Movies approached Tolkegruppen Oversættergruppen with their newly produced health films, which would need to also be available in Urdu, Somali, Arabic, Farsi and English.

We initially made quality-assured translations of the script into Urdu, Somali, Arabic and Farsi. Once the script was in place, we helped to supply with 2 speakers per language in the recording studio at Sphinx Film. The result of our work can be seen here.

Documentary films

As a result of our experience in minority languages, including "pidgin" variants of several languages, Tolkegruppen Oversættergruppen is also known as a solid partner for some of the most talented documentary filmmakers. Among other films, we texted and versioned these award-winning documentaries:

The Swenkas (2004) directed by Jeppe Rønde, produced by Cosmo Films.
The Dark Side of Chocolate (2010) directed by Miki Mistrati and Roberto Romano, produced by Bastard Film and Monday, et al.
Blood In The Mobile (2010) directed by Frank Piasecki Poulsen, produced by Koncern TV and Film, et al.
Shady Chocolate (2012) directed by Miki Mistrati and Roberto Romano, produced by Made in Copenhagen, et al.

Sponsorships and charity commitments

In addition, since 2009 we have sponsored the translation of interviews etc. for Danmarksindsamlingen ( the Denmark Collection), a nationwide fundraiser for projects to support the world's poorest, produced by STV Production.

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