Policy for privacy protection and data security

It is very important for us to secure both data and privacy for you, and for every other user of our websites.

This policy applies to our two websites: www.tolkegruppen.dk and www.oversaettergruppen.dk – in other words we will look out for you equally, no matter where you visit us online!

We only gather and process that information needed to give you the best possible service to you as our online visitor. That of course also means that we never sell your personal data, or any other information about you, to third parties. Nor do we pass on your personal data or your information, except where Danish law might require that we do so.

If you want to read more, we will expand on this in the following points

Owner information (click to read more)
The owner of this website and data processor in accordance with this policy is:

Tolkegruppen Oversættergruppen P/S
Danish Company Registration No. 30537084 / VAT No. DK30537084

14A Amaliegade, 2nd floor
DK-1256 Copenhagen K

About the use of cookies

By your use of this website, you consent to our use of cookies.
What are cookies? (click to read more)
A cookie is a small text file, which a website may save on your computer. Cookies can serve many purposes, but most often they are used to recognise a user on subsequent page visits - an example is the "Click here to remember me" function found when logging in on many websites.
Cookies delete themselves after a certain number of months, but they are renewed with every page visit.
Our use of cookies (click to read more)
Our website uses two kinds of cookies:

Anonymous cookies are set by Wordpress, Google and by Apsis Lead. These cookies hold no personal information about you, but helps us to service the users of our website better.

Wordpress is the system, in which our website is built. Wordpress sets cookies to ensure that the website is shown in the format best suited to your screen (regardless of whether you are viewing on a phone handset, tablet or the largest monitor in your building).
A particular cookie is also set by Zonya (WP Engine), which is part of the graphical theme on our website.

Google sets cookies for Google Analytics, which helps us to understand how you and other visitors find our website from Google searches - and therefore helps us to know, how we can present our information better to you

Furthermore, our websites contain maps from Google Maps, which also sets cookies. These cookies make sure that the map on our website can show you those places close to our office that mean something to you. This information is only available to yourself - so we cannot see, if you have for example family or other business connections near our office.

Apsis Lead lets us track the number of visitors to our website, and how the visitors move around the site - helping us to optimise the website. As an example, we will always try to emphasise the information that most visitors look for
These cookies can be called either one of Apsis Lead and Prospect Eye: they are two names for the same system.

Cookies with your login data are only set, if you tick the "Remember me" checkbox during interpreter booking. Then we'll set a simple cookie, which allows your computer to remember your login data to the next visit.
This cookie does not save any information about your specific interpreter booking, including no information concerning the time and place for the interpretation, about your citizen's/patient's personal data nor your contact information.

How do you delete or avoid cookies? (click to read more)
This is done in slightly different ways for each computer.
We like this guide by Digital Trends, which covers most different browsers and options (opens in a new window).

About personal data

We only gather personal data, when you yourself pass the data on to us - either by booking an interpreter, or by using contact forms on this site (including requesting a quote for translation).
Which information do we register and process? (click to read more)
When you register as a user of our online interpreter booking module, you also give your consent to us processing and storing your personal data for use in booking interpretations. Your data is stored in our booking system, which is run independently of the website - therefore, your personal data will not be available on the Internet. All traffic between the website and our booking system is encrypted, so your data remains secure.

When booking an interpretation, we gather the personal data for the citizen or patient in need of interpretation, which you enter while making the booking. The information is directly transferred to our booking system, and immediately after this is not available on the Internet. As mentioned above, all traffic between the website and our booking system is encrypted, so the personal data of your citizen or patient remain secure during the booking process.

By requesting a quote for interpretation or translation, you consent to us processing your personal data for use during the quoting process and for contacting you later on.

Our use of your personal data (click to read more)
We never send spam, and we never will send spam!
Even if we have your permission to contact you later, you will not be added to newsletter mailing lists or other mass marketing. If we have the need to contact you again, this would only be with a message addressed directly to you.

Equally, we never sell your personal data to any third party. Nor do we pass on your personal data to any third party, save where Danish law requires us to do so.

Contact us about personal data - review, rectification and removal

We process data according to the rules in the Danish Act on Personal Data, which is derived from the European Data Protection Directive.

This means that you are entitled to be informed which personal data may refer back to you. If the information or data about you, which we have registered and process, are incorrect or misleading, you have a right to demand that we rectify, remove or block the data.

You can also, at any time, revoke your consent to us processing and registering data about you. Please note, however, that doing so will effect or remove in full our ability to provide you with the service levels that you expect, and which we want to be able to deliver.

You can contact us about your data on info@tolkegruppen.dk or by telephone (+45) 43 71 61 00.

If you are not satisfied with our response to your request, you may file a complaint over our processing of personal information and data about you.
According to section 58, subsection 1, of the Danish Act on Personal Data, the complaint must be made to the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet) (link opens in a new window).

Current version of our privacy policy and future changes

This version of the privacy policy is dated 5 August 2016.
How and why we change the policy (click to read more)
The Internet's rapid development means that it might become necessary to change the way we process personal data. We therefore reserve the right to update and change these guidelines for the processing of personal data. The date of the most recent change will always be listed at the bottom of this page. In case of significant changes, we will also alert you using a visible notification on our websites.